Life @ Bhilai


Bhilai - The Steel City

Bhilai, many of them called as ‘Mini India’.It brings multi-cultural, religious and vocal varities in one’s life. Fun, N’Joyment and serious Learning is the integral part of bhilai. It is worldwide famous for its Steel Plant which is largest in Asia.

Bhilai is known for its festive cultures being celebrated with young heart. It is one of the most happening educational place of India, with full of energy, commitment and people live here with an attitude to be numero uno.



Some of the lively places in bhilai with all types of genre are civic-centre, domino’s pizza, chauhan-estate, akashganga, maitri garden, and many more where the only name of ‘life is fun’.


The major population is of localities of the state "Chhattisgarhi". The local language is Chhattisgarhi which is very similar to Hindi.

All major festivals are celebrated in a scale similar to their region of origin. Like the Durga Puja celebrations of Bhilai are in tune with that in Bengal. Same can be said about Maharashtra's Ganesh Chaturthi, Andhra's Ugadi, Tamil Nadu's Pongal, Muslim's Id, Jagganath Puri's Rath Yatra etc.

Bhilai also boasts of high levels of linguistic and religious unity which has been the hallmark of its culture since its inception. The main reason obviously lies in the fact that before the establishment of Bhilai Steel Plant (with collaboration from Russian Counterparts), it was almost nothing but an agricultural area with small villages like AmdiGaon (now AmdiNagar-HUDCO) and many others. But the setting up BSP made a cale all over India to make a rush and henceforth bring the multi-ethnicity with them.

The Maitri Bagh-Zoo and a park established by the Bhilai Steel Plant. Right next to Maitri bagh are two huge man-made water lakes. One is used to supply water to the township. The other is used for the Steel Plant's applications. Right across Maitri Bagh is Bhilai Water Works, a facility used to provide clean water to the Bhilai Township.

Civic Center - Started as a shopping center consisting of two rows of stores arranged in L shape. In early days it had TATA (textiles) on one end and BATA(shoes). It was also a hub for a lot of social activity. Right next to Civic Center is Chitra Mandir which used to be the only airconditioned movie theater in the area. West of Chitra Madir is a huge field used for Ramleela and Dashehara festivals. In this field there used to be a high rock stage which was constructed to Welcome Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962. There is also a hemispherical Supermarket. Now there are many permanent and temporary store/p.