Academic Philosophy


Academic Philosophy

The academic philosophy is to create Seamless Society with global opportunities where there are no islands of elitism or conclaves of wisdom. The basic academic philosophy is to create a knowledge society where knowledge would be symmetric amongst all seekers. Every citizen must have right to study and gain knowledge. The ecology of the college depends on a deep and abiding understanding of inquiry, investigation, and discovery along with prudent decision making is the heart of an enterprise. Everyone at the college should be a learner. That shared mission binds together all that happens on a campus. The teaching responsibility of the college is to make its entire students participant in the mission.

The college works to provide its students a foundation for successful lifelong learning. The curriculum emphasis inquiry and critical analysis, independent research, collaborative work, engagement with society, and effective communication skills. The College strives to nurture its student love of learning and to develop their ability to critically assess problems. The College encourages discovery, creativity , initiative, responsibility , collaboration ,leadership, and independent thought. These are the attributes that enhance opportunities for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Classification of Academic Divisions

PSBE aims to establish itself as an international level management institute. The core of PSBE will be research and developmental activities by the faculties and students. To fulfill this objective, following academic divisions will be set up:

PG Programme
Research and Development
Corporate Training/ Consultancy